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It's time to reimagine
how we manage mental health
We believe in mental STRENGTH
not mental illness
Over 60% of the population lives
with serious depression and anxiety
We can teach you how to
organize your brain


Mental & Behavioral Health Organization in Colorado Springs

Mentally STRONG is a privately-owned mental and behavioral health organization in Colorado Springs that has a refreshing, new approach to helping individuals and organizations improve their mental well-being. We developed the Mentally STRONG Method, which we use in our Colorado Springs Mental Health Clinic, online courses, training, and publications.

Developed by founder Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, Ed.D, PMHNP, the Mentally STRONG method is an empowering approach to managing one’s own mental health. It utilizes aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients and patients identify their thoughts, feelings, choices, and behaviors to understand the impact these have on one’s life.

Mentally STRONG is a unique mental health organization because we take the mystery out of mental and behavioral health by giving people the wisdom, tools, and support needed to actively participate in their own mental well-being. Our Colorado Springs Mental Health Clinic gives people access to comprehensive services by providing mental & behavioral health counseling and medication management together, with a pharmacy technician onsite.

With the Mentally STRONG Method, anyone can learn how to map their thoughts in relation to past experiences and circumstances. Through this exercise, clients gain critical insights that empower them to achieve their long-term goals and live a more fulfilling life.

Our online courses consist of interactive videos designed to introduce clients to the Mentally STRONG Method, or further a client’s understanding while receiving support through our Mental Health Clinic. Please choose one of the courses below to learn more.


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