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Ketamine Therapy Treatment for Depression

Mentally STRONG is pleased to offer Ketamine Therapy in our clinic and several other options for treating depression. We are always looking for the best evidence-based treatments for our clients to meet their needs and have found that Ketamine Therapy has shown through years of research to be a viable treatment for some people suffering from treatment-resistant depression.

Mentally STRONG provides Ketamine Therapy treatment to clients as part of a holistic treatment plan.  This plan begins with a consultation, psychiatric assessment, and then a treatment plan that includes counseling, and if deemed necessary by our board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, medication management – including prescription and injectable medication such as Ketamine Therapy which includes an intramuscular (IM) injection or Spravato®, an intranasal esketamine spray.

Following are a few frequently asked questions about Ketamine Therapy. Please schedule a private, personal consultation with us to learn more about which treatment may be proper for you and answer any questions you may have.

Does Ketamine Cure Depression?

While the first Ketamine injection or treatment may offer significant symptom reduction, the effects typically only last a few days, and subsequent treatements are necessary to provide longer-term results.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Clients may experience a significant symptom reduction within hours of their first treatment, with subsequent treatments needed to sustain symptom reduction.

How Many Ketamine Treatments are Needed?

While everyone is different, after an initial series of 6 treatments, clients may be able to go multiple weeks between treatments with sustained, significant symptom reduction. The typical maintenance schedule is 4 – 6 weeks between treatments, which is determined on a case-by-case basis.

How Long Does Ketamine Work for Depression?

At Mentally STRONG, Ketamine treatments are part of a treatment plan that includes on-site clinical care and therapy incorporating the Mentally STRONG method. Through this course of treating the disease from several different aspects, clients may find they can taper off Ketamine treatments, only needing to return if they begin to experience depressive symptoms again.

Does Insurance Cover Ketamine Treatment? What is the Cost?

While FDA trials have started to garner approval, IM injections of ketamine are not yet FDA-approved to treat depression. Insurance, therefore, does not cover the cost of this treatment. However, the FDA has approved Spravato® for the treatment of depression and it may be covered by your insurance.  For a consultation to see if ketamine or Spravato® is the proper treatment for you and to discuss costs, schedule HERE 

Does Ketamine Therapy work in Treatment-Resistant Depression?

While some clients find that other medications have no lasting effect or little effect on their symptoms, with symptoms re-emerging even with continued medication use, Ketamine and Spravato® does not seem to lose efficacy with prolonged use. It helps treat depression in individuals where other medications have not been effective. There are still rare cases where clients may develop a tolerance to Ketamine, lessening the effects on their depression. However, it is rare and less common than tolerance developed to traditional depression medications. Ketamine and Spravato® may be an option for treatment-resistant depression when other drugs have failed and can offer sustained results, and relief of symptoms.

What Other Treatments Do You Offer?

Please schedule a personal and private consultation, and we will work with you to determine what treatments are best for your condition. At Mentally STRONG, we want to create a personalized treatment plan that will work best for you and your situation.


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