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Neurofeedback at Mentally STRONG Clinic: A Comprehensive Guide

At the Mentally STRONG Clinic in Colorado Springs, we are committed to helping our clients achieve optimal mental and emotional well-being. One of our standout services is neurofeedback, a powerful and effective treatment approach that can bring transformative changes for those who seek better mental health. This page aims to shed light on neurofeedback and help you decide whether it is the right choice for you or a loved one.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge training system that promotes growth and change at the cellular level of the brain using EEG technology. It involves a comprehensive analysis of your brain’s electrical activity, known as a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG).

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Imagine you are training your brain like you would train your muscles at a gym. During neurofeedback sessions, electrodes are placed on the scalp to monitor brainwave frequencies. The software then provides immediate visual or auditory feedback based on your brain’s activity.

When your brain meets certain goals—like inhibiting specific frequencies and enhancing others—the feedback is positive, and your brain is rewarded. For example, the screen might get brighter and the music clearer. When your brain does not meet the goals, the screen dims, and the music quiets. Over time, this feedback helps train your brain to self-regulate, positively impacting your central nervous system.

Brainwaves 101

Think of brainwaves like musical notes: low-frequency waves resemble a deep drum beat, grounding and steady, while higher-frequency waves reach a subtle, high-pitched flute, light and quick. These various frequencies harmonize seamlessly in a beautifully orchestrated symphony, creating a balanced and unified sound. Similarly, our brain function relies on the harmonious interplay of these different frequencies. When these frequencies are in sync, we experience mental clarity, emotional stability, and peak performance. However, when they are out of balance, much like a discordant piece of music, it can lead to various emotional and neuro-physical health concerns.

When our brainwaves are balanced and harmonized well, we are in mental and emotional well-being. Our focus is sharp, we can easily relax, our emotions are stable, and our sleep is restful and deep.

Conversely, when these frequencies are out of tune with each other, problems can arise. For instance, excessive theta activity while awake can result in daydreaming and lack of focus, potentially manifesting as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Elevated levels of beta waves can correlate with anxiety, stress, and restlessness.

The Neurofeedback Process and Sessions

New clients will begin with a scheduled intake with a complete medical history to begin counseling or treatment at the clinic. Existing clients may have neurofeedback recommended by their counselor. After this, our Nurse Practitioner (NP) will consult with your counselor regarding the potential for neurofeedback treatment. These sessions typically last 25-30 minutes and occur, on average, twice a week over approximately seven to eight months. We will schedule a neurofeedback consultation with you, and regular training sessions with your counselor after.

Final Thoughts

At the Mentally STRONG Clinic in Colorado Springs, we are passionate about offering innovative treatments that genuinely help our patients. As we integrate neurofeedback into our services, we are excited about its transformative potential for our clients.

Are you or a loved one considering neurofeedback? We are here to answer any questions and help you decide if this treatment fits you. Contact us at the Mentally STRONG Clinic and take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future.

neurofeedback process with client and computer

Who Can We Help?

For those who are struggling with conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, or even simply chronic stress, neurofeedback can be a lifeline. It offers a drug-free, non-invasive way to shape the brain’s functioning directly, steering it back towards harmony and health.

At the Mentally STRONG Clinic, neurofeedback can assist with a wide variety of issues, including:


Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Traumatic Birth History

Attachment Disorders


General Wellness/Optimization




Stress Tolerance



Behavioral Challenges

Memory Issues

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anxiety and Depression

Performance Issues

Sleep Disturbances

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