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Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Convenience of Medication Management & Psychoeducational Counseling in the same appointment

As part of our comprehensive mental health services, we provide psychoeducational counseling using the Mentally STRONG Method, which is a simple and practical do-it-yourself approach to managing your own mental health. With the insight you gain from our counseling, you will be empowered to achieve your long-term goals and live a happier life.

You can learn how to use The Mentally STRONG Method through our personalized mental health counseling program or by signing up for one of our online self-help courses: Mentally STRONGer & Raising Mentally Strong Kids.

Elements of the Mentally STRONG Method

Thought Map

You can work with one of our counselors or coaches, or learn from our complete online course’s step-by-step guide to begin understanding how your past impacts the present.



Identify and Organize

Learn how to organize your brain and navigate overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Discover the 10 aspects of mental strength and how they will impact your life.

Power of Choice

Become empowered with any of our 100+ Choice Opportunity Worksheets, where will see tangible progress by learning how to make better life choices.

Personal Vision

Our psychoeducational counseling programs will help you identify and create realistic goals, realize your personal vision, and build self-confidence.

We offer an abundance of ways to address your mental strength needs. From adults to children, we provide psychiatric assessments, treatment planning, medication management, genetic testing and much more. See below for additional information on our comprehensive mental health services, which include walk-in appointments!

Psychiatric Assessments (adults): A comprehensive mental health history and review of current symptoms with a diagnostic evaluation and discussion on treatment options.

Pediatric Psychiatric Assessments (children): Full comprehensive psychiatric and behavioral assessments and referral for full neuropsychiatric exams, if needed.

See our full list of assessments here.

Treatment Planning: Always includes a cognitive behavioral psychoeducational intervention.

Medication Management:  Our psychiatric nurse practitioners are licensed to prescribe all medication in the psychopharmacology class as part of our comprehensive mental health services. This includes mood stabilizers, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics, ADHD medication for insomnia, and much more. Our providers prescribe these medications based on the research of Dr. Stephen Stahl, which focuses on symptoms and receptors rather than clusters of symptoms.

Genetic Testing: We offer genetic testing, which is covered by some insurance plans. This service acts as a starting point for us to learn how your body processes certain psychopharmacologic medications.

SPRAVATO: A prescription medicine used to treat adults with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and symptoms of depressions in adults with major depressive disorder (MDD), which including suicidal thoughts or actions.

Long-Acting Injectables: Our nurse practitioners prescribe various long-acting injectables for certain diagnoses. Injectables can help relieve the stress of trying to remember to take pills every day.

Special Needs Populations: We understand and are sensitive of the special needs of individuals in our community.

Frequent Follow-Up Appointments: Our nurse practitioners understand that it can be intimidating to start a new treatment plan. We want our comprehensive mental health services to be accessible to you during the stabilization period and will see you as often as necessary until you are comfortable on a new medication.

Walk-ins Accepted: Access to comprehensive mental health services can be daunting and is a problem in this country. If you are feeling in urgent need of an assessment within business hours, please come to the office and we will be happy to make sure you’re seen.

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