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What is the Mentally STRONG Method?

The Mentally STRONG Method is a cognitive-behavioral formula that can be used as a self-empowering program, with a life coach, or as a framework in professional counseling.

Can the Mentally STRONG Method help me if I don’t have a mental health diagnosis?

Yes, the Mentally STRONG Method allows you or anyone to organize their thoughts, make choices, and move forward to the life they want. You can do it yourself with our Mentally STRONGer Together program or participate in 10 sessions with a Mentally STRONG coach.

Can the Mentally STRONG Method help with Depression and Anxiety?

Yes, however, the answer is not simple. We have all experienced depressed moods, but some depression needs a professional assessment and treatment. When depression begins to impact functioning, you should get an evaluation from a licensed professional. The Mentally STRONG Method can be used in professional therapy, as an adjunct to treatment, or as a step-down after therapy. The Mentally STRONG Method is a solid cognitive-behavioral approach that you can learn yourself. Ask your therapist about the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and why most therapists use it.

Can the Mentally STRONG Method help with Insomnia?

We would not recommend doing the complete formula of The Mentally STRONG Method at night to help you sleep. After a Mentally STRONG Method session, you often need time to process and make decisions that may interfere with your ability to go to sleep. We recommend doing the Mentally STRONG Method as a complete mental wellness program with a personal vision to improve sleep. That vision should include actions around sleep hygiene and ruling out medical causes of insomnia.

Can the Mentally STRONG Method help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms?

Yes, people with PTSD often experience depression and anxiety (see the above answer about depression and anxiety). In our professional experience, PTSD often becomes chronic when the trauma is deeply embedded in a person’s negative core beliefs.

Can the Mentally STRONG Method help with Anger?

Yes, anger is often a secondary emotion. The Mentally STRONG Method would help you identify underlining thoughts and feelings if you thought map anger. It will help you learn to identify and organize these thoughts to make specific choices. We should all learn to control our anger. However, having insight into why we get angry makes it easier to choose to govern ourselves.

Can the Mentally STRONG Method help with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) symptoms?

Maybe. We would recommend a complete psychiatric evaluation for obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the therapeutic choice for OCD, and the Mentally STRONG Method incorporates CBT. However, medication is often beneficial to optimize function. The Mentally STRONG clinic can provide both the Mentally STRONG Method and medication recommendations.

Can the Mentally STRONG Method help with addiction?

Yes, however, the addict must be ready to address addiction’s complex biochemical and psychosocial components. We suggest you come to the office for a psychiatric evaluation and Mentally STRONG counseling with an expert.

Can I use Mentally STRONG Method in conjunction with EMDR?

Yes, EMDR is a specific technique used for trauma. The Mentally STRONG Method is an excellent addition to trauma-specific care, teaching the brain to think, organize, and choose.

Is the Mentally STRONG Method talk therapy?

No. Talk therapy is a general term and is often interchangeable with non-specific psychotherapy. Although you will talk during a Mentally STRONG Method session, you will also use visual and tactile activities to work through a cognitive-behavioral technique.

What insurance do you accept?

We currently accept Medicare, Colorado Medicaid, Tricare Standard, Tricare for Life, Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem, Cigna, Cigna Health Spring, Kaiser Permanente, Beacon Health, United Heal Care, Optum, Humana, Aetna, and Magellan Health.

What if I don’t have insurance?

There are cash-pay prices for our services. For non-clinical concerns, we recommend taking the Mentally STRONGer course and learning The Mentally STRONG Method at your own pace. You can learn the Mentally STRONG Method with one of our Mentally STRONG Coaches ($50-$200/hour) or receive a psychiatric evaluation and treatment in the clinic ($200/hour).

What is Dr. B passionate about?

Empowering everyone, mental health treatment, access to mental healthcare, family, faith, and mental strength is a journey everyone can take to improve their quality of life.

Who does Dr. B follow on professional publications and social media?

Dr. Steven Stahl, MD, Master Psychopharmacology program, based on symptoms and circuits. Dr. Daniel Amen, MD, for his work with complementary and alternative mental health treatment.

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