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What is the Mentally STRONG Method?

The Mentally STRONG Method was created by founder Dr. Cristi Bundukamara Ed.D, PMHNP-BC, who has been a psychiatric nurse practitioner for over 20 years. She created the Mentally STRONG Method to overcome some of the most challenging experiences of her personal life and is dedicated to helping others do the same.

As a society, we often describe mental strength as a positive attribute, but do not learn, teach, or support ourselves to develop and improve it. The Mentally STRONG Method can be learned and used to promote the development of mental strength.

The Mentally STRONG Method is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It adds an organizational component to typical CBT which is designed to increase awareness on how one’s thoughts (cognitive) influence one’s choices (behavioral) and challenge negative thinking in order to make choices to improve one’s life.

There are four elements within The Mentally STRONG Method. The cognitive components are represented in Thought Map and Identify and Organize and the behavioral components are represented in Power of Choice and Personal Vision. They are meant to be used in a fluid formula rather than a strict structure, which makes it an adaptive option, useful in many different scenarios.

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Element 1: The Thought Map

In this element, you will identify a central thought/feeling that you are currently experiencing. You will then explore contributing factors (past and present) associated with the central thought in order to identify potential connections/themes.

Element 2 and 3: Identify and Organize and the Power of Choice

Identify and Organize: In this element you will begin to organize the information from the thought map into ten categories.

Power of Choice: In this element you will identify where change is possible, or wanted, in each category from the Identify and Organize. Choice Opportunity worksheets are used to deepen insight and make positive changes to improve your life personally and professionally.

Element 4: Personal Vision

Personal Vision: In this element you will create empowering personal visions in multiple areas of your life, for sustainable healthy mental strength.

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