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We believe the most effective Psychopharmacological treatments for most mental health conditions involve a combination of both medications as well as Choice Mapping. This gives us a very balanced approach and greater insight into the role that controlled substances such as marijuana, LSD and heroin as well as alcohol play in the cognitive-behavioral aspects of our patients lives.

Listed below are medications that we’ve had success with in providing quality care to our patients.


Our staff is committed to supporting our patients who are struggling with addictions in rebuilding their lives.   When used as part of a treatment plan that includes Choice Mapping, VIVITROL® helps people recover from drug and alcohol challenges to ultimately take control of their lives.


As a certified SPRAVATO® treatment center we responsibly administer prescriptions to support our adult patients with symptoms they may be experiencing in their daily lives with regard to depression.  We believe in utilizing these treatment options in tandem with a Choice Mapping strategy to make a difference in the depression symptoms of our patients.


When treating patients with mood disorders, such as severe schizophrenia and suicidal thoughts, some medications may not be effective.  When that is the case in our treatment plans, we use Clozaril with an individually tailored Choice Mapping program to help patients recover from problematic mood challenges.

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