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In exchange for FREE December Choice Mapping, we'll be asking for your thoughts & opinions on online Choice Mapping and your committing to a minimum number of maps. Nothing crazy, we promise!
Choice Mapping makes you
Mentally STRONGer
Get Ready To Say
I AM Mentally STRONG
I have been through hell. I have experienced deep pain. I know grief and loss, just as you do. 

If you are lost, if you are feeling overwhelmed... if you are literally FEELING ANYTHING...
the tools here will help you make sense of all the random noise. 

YOU will be empowered to take ACTION. 

My purpose is to help you to help yourself. Through it all we will change and grow together.
Dr. Cristi Bundukamara (Dr.B), Founder
Mental Empowerment Made Easy
A Simple and Practical Technique for Mental Strength
  • ​Resolve Conflicts
  • ​Become empowered to TAKE ACTION
  • ​Break through communication barriers
  • ​Control your emotions
  • ​Get back the power to choose
  • ​Overcome depression, overwhelm & addiction
"A huge gift that choice mapping has given me back is my power to choose. No longer do I say 'this is out of my control'”
Choice Mapping
A Formula To Say I AM...
Mentally STRONG
"The BEST investment I've Ever Made!"

"It took me about 20 minutes, but it felt like 20 years of journaling."

"Relieved the tension and feelings of depression, anxiety and stress."

"It felt very therapeutic to get all my thoughts out in one place, like spending hours with an empathetic therapist or a weekend with my best friend."

"Now I have a process I can turn to that helps me focus my thoughts into productive action." 

"A huge gift that choice mapping has given me back is my power to choose. I no longer say this is out of my control."

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