Do you want to learn how to manage  your own mental health?

Mentally STRONG can help you:

  • Develop effective coping mechanisms and communication skills 
  • Identify your triggers and learn how to manage your emotions
  • Support your children's emotional and physical development
  • Receive a psychiatric evaluation, treatment, and diagnosis
  • ​Enroll in professional life coaching and counseling sessions
  • ​Learn practical self-help methods, gain insight and confidence
Watch this short video to meet our founder, Dr. B!

What is The Mentally STRONG Method?

The Mentally STRONG Method is a simple and practical do-it-yourself approach to managing your own mental health. Created by Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, Ed.D, PMHNP (Dr. B), The Mentally STRONG Method utilizes aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you identify your thoughts, feelings, choices, and behaviors and understand the impact they have on your life. With The Mentally STRONG Method, you will learn how to map your thoughts in relation to past experiences and circumstances. The insight you gain will empower you to achieve your long-term goals and live a happier life. We know that you ARE Mentally STRONG, and we can all learn to be Mentally STRONGer! 

You can learn how to use The Mentally STRONG Method through our personalized mental health counseling program or by signing up for one of our online self-help courses: Stronger Together  & Raising Mentally Strong Kids.

Elements of the Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Thought Map

Thought Map

Work with a certified coach or complete our step-by-step guide to understanding your past impacts the present. Insight = Confidence!
Arrows to choose a direction

Power of Choice

Work with a coach and become empowered using over 100 Choice Opportunity Worksheets. You will be able to see tangible progress and make better life choices.
Filing Cabinet

Identify and Organize

Learn how to organize your brain and navigate overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Discover the 10 aspects of mental strength and how they will impact your life. 
Map to the future

Personal Vision

Our mental health counseling programs will help you identify negative beliefs about yourself, create realistic goals, and build self-confidence. 
You ARE Mentally STRONG

The Mentally STRONG Method makes you Mentally STRONGER

  •  Resolve Conflicts
  • Become Empowered to Take Action
  • Break Through Communication Barriers
  • ​Strengthen Relationships
  • ​Control Your Emotions
  • ​Overcome Depression and Overwhelm
  • ​Decrease Negative Thoughts
  •  Develop and Reach Your Personal Visions
  • ​Become Less Reliant on your Therapist
  • ​Take Pride in Doing the Work Yourself
  • ​Overcome Feeling Stuck
  • ​Change Repetitive Behaviors
  • ​Be a Victor, Not a Victim
  • Learn to be Mentally STRONGer Everyday!


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"I love this place! They stay on top of your care! I love the therapy they do!! It teaches you so much about yourself! I’ve also learned self care is ok and needed! The staff is all so awesome and caring!"

five gold stars

"Wonderful and creative atmosphere. The best new take on mental health I’ve been shown! "

five gold stars

"I so appreciate everyone at the Mentally Strong organization for their problem solving patience and positive way of meeting their clients where they are at and helping them move forward!"

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"I love coming here. Everybody who is involved in my recovery here is as excited about it as I am. The tools they have given me helps me feel more confident in myself, my human self, and I find myself reassuring myself in times of stress that "I am mentally strong, I can figure this out". "

five gold stars

"Very caring and understanding. I have learned a lot from the staff and Dr. Bundukamara. They make you a part of the team and keep you involved in the care."

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"The name of the practice alone speaks volumes about what they are striving for with us. Open minded, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and experienced."

Personal Development Courses

woman typing on a laptop computer


This online self-help course is designed to help women learn the Mentally STRONG Method at home!
two children making funny faces

Raising Mentally STRONG Kids

Learn how to raise mentally strong kids with this online parenting course!

Other Ways to Get Involved

counselor comforting someone who is sad

Licensed Professional Counselors

Learn The Mentally STRONG Method as a framework for your private practice. Empower your clients to be actively involved in their treatment plans. Makes charting easier. 
map with connected storefronts symbolizing a franchise

Franchising Opportunities

As a Nurse Practitioner and Woman Owned business, we want to help pave the way for those who are seeking to open a private psychiatric or mental health practice and may not know where to start. 
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Customized Programs for your Organization

Is your organization, whether it be a business or a church, struggling to support your members or employees in their mental health? With increases in working from home these struggles are increasing. We can help by creating a custom program to train your leadership and members how to be Mentally STRONGer!
a woman explaining coaching to another person

Become a Mentally STRONG Coach

Do you want to work from home, make your own hours and be proud of your own business while helping others be Mentally STRONGer? Then this is the program for you.