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Mentally STRONG
The Book
The Bundukamaras lives were idyllic, falling instantly in love, getting married young and carefree. Wanting to give something back, the couple adopt five children from the foster care system. 

All goes according to plan for a brief time, then reality strikes: their newly adopted children begin to manifest the deep-seated pain and suffering of their pasts. Soon it seems like every attempt to give something back to humanity is met with unimaginable difficulty and pain.
But that’s child’s play for what comes next.
As they tirelessly work at loving children who feel unlovable, tragedy rocks the family in the form of a devastating diagnosis. The hard-earned, yet delicate sense of the family’s security is severely shaken. Nothing will ever be the same. 

As the story unfolds, they must juggle professional careers with endless hospital appointments, numerous therapy programs, runaway children, unplanned pregnancy, gang membership, sex trafficking, even incarceration.  

A story of transition from honeymoon years to tragedy upon tragedy upon tragedy. Can the Bundukamaras continue trusting God’s plan for their lives. Can faith be maintained? What is left? Can there possibly be a silver lining? Some grander hope to be found amidst a tsunami of tragedy? Can they find a way to continue saying, We are Mentally-STRONG™ ?.
Choice Mapping
A Formula To Say I AM...
Mentally STRONG
"The BEST investment I've Ever Made!"

"It took me about 20 minutes, but it felt like 20 years of journaling. "

“Relieved the tension and feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.”

"It felt very therapeutic to get all my thoughts out in one place, like spending hours with an empathetic therapist or a weekend with my best friend. "

"Now I have a process I can turn to that helps me focus my thoughts into productive action." 

"A huge gift that choice mapping has given me back is my power to choose. I no longer say 'this is out of my control'."

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