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Mentally STRONG Approved to Accept TriWest


August 9, 2022

Lindsey Caroon | [email protected] | (701) 340-7140

Mentally STRONG Approved to Accept TriWest

Behavioral Health Services Immediately Available to Military, Veterans and Military Families

Colorado Springs, Colo. – The veteran population in Colorado Springs now has a new option for behavioral health services. Mentally STRONG, led by veteran practitioner Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, has been approved to accept patients insured with TriWest Healthcare Alliance. With prior authorization or referral, veterans and active-duty military can receive services including in-person counseling, walk-in hours daily, medication management, life coaching, Ketamine treatment, and mental health emergency assessments.  Mentally STRONG is currently accepting patients and managed a clinic caseload of over 4,000 patients in 2021. Additional resources available to patients include the Mentally STRONG free library of videos, podcasts, and in-person and online courses. Appointments can be requested on the Mentally STRONG website.

Mentally STRONG is a military-owned and operated mental health center based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with many counselors and nurse practitioners being veterans themselves. Dr. Bundukamara served as an Army Medic before she attended nursing school and currently serves in the US Navy Reserve.

“Being an active-duty military member, I understand the importance of providing veterans and military members with mental health services,” said Cristi Bundukamara, Founder and CEO of Mentally STRONG. “Our military community has an increased need and Mentally STRONG is grateful to be able to provide veterans and military with mental health services through our partnership with TriWest!”

Mentally STRONG also operates an online forum where veterans can join the conversation and work together to change perceptions on mental health within the Colorado Springs military community. The Mentally STRONG Veterans Facebook Group is administered by Kenny Brown, Mentally STRONG counselor and veteran. About Mentally STRONG: Mentally STRONG is a mental and behavioral health organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that brings a fresh approach to developing mental wellbeing. The Mentally STRONG Method, created by founder Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, Ed.D, PMHNP, is an empowering approach to managing individual mental health. This method utilizes aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help patients identify their thoughts, feelings, choices, and behaviors and better understand the impact of these factors in their individual lives.

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