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Mentally STRONGer Together

An online self-help course that teaches you how to discover you true potential!

Start Your Journey of Personal Development
  • Have you ever struggled with self-image, confidence, or communication?
  • Do you want to learn how to navigate negative thoughts and emotions?
  • Are you looking for a new way to manage your own mental health?
Mentally STRONGer Together is an online self-help course that teaches adults how to identify negative thoughts, manage their emotions, and make empowered choices so they can become the best version of themselves. During this course, you will learn how to use the Mentally Strong Method to overcome common challenges such as stress, lack of confidence, and poor communication skills alongside a group of like-minded individuals. We will also encourage you to build mutually beneficial relationships and support one another so we can all be Mentally STRONGer Together! 

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Is This Course Right for Me?
Mentally STRONGer Together is available to anyone. If you are looking to kickstart your journey into serious personal development, then we welcome you to join us. We are here to support you with our professional guidance and help you build authentic relationships along the way.
What Will I Learn?
This self-help course will teach you how to organize your thoughts and manage your emotions so you are able to solve problems, reduce negative thought patterns, improve your communication skills, strengthen your relationships and more.  Our goal is to help you find new ways to reach your full potential so you can live a happier life. 
How Do I Sign Up?
You can currently regsiter for Mentally STRONGer Together on our website, using the above register now button. The course is hosted online and broken down into 12 chapters. You will complete a series of lessons that will be taught via video, audio materials, readings, and assignments. We will also offer opportunities for group discussions. We are offering the course for a limited time at a $79 Introductory Offer price ($120 Value).

What is the Mentally STRONG Method?
Created by our founder, Dr. Cristi Bundukamara Ed.D. PMHNP, the Mentally STRONG Method is a "do it yourself" approach to understanding how past experiences impact our recurring thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This approach was developed by a team of mental health professionals and draws on the scientifically proven aspects of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. We believe anyone can use the Mentally STRONG Method to overcome grief, depression, and anxiety, or any challenge life throws our way!

Mentally STRONGer Together will provide you with clear and practical instructions on how to use the Mentally Strong Method to:
  • Think: Identify your thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors and how they impact your life
  • ​Organize: Map out your thoughts and emotions in relation to your own unique story
  • ​Choose: Make positive life choices and live up to the higher version of yourself!
Download the Mentally STRONG App
STRONGer Together is much more than just a self-help course, it’s a lifelong community. Once you complete the program, we encourage you to stay connected with the group through our Mentally STRONG app, available now at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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You are already Mentally STRONG, and you can be Mentally STRONGer!

Professional Offerings
What Is Choice Mapping?
Choice Mapping is a simple and practical formula for mental strength utilizing a Cognitive Behavioral Approach (CBA) created by Cristi Bundukamara, Ed.D, PMHNPBC. 

Choice Mapping empowers you to identify their own thoughts, actions, choices, and behaviors. 

With organization of those thoughts, actions, choices, past experiences, beliefs, values, and current skills, you will be challenged to effect change for your future for better decision making and empowered choices. 

The past behaviors, choices, and thoughts will be broken down and analyzed to develop a personal vision for sustainable healthy mental strength. 
Say I AM Mentally STRONG!