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Sometimes life can get pretty complicated. No matter how hard we try to untangle ourselves from life’s most chaotic challenges, we still may end up feeling stuck. Many of us struggle with feelings of stress, loneliness, and depression that inhibit our ability to move forward in life and accomplish our goals. That’s why our team of mental health professionals has developed a new online life coaching program designed make it easy to find a life coach who will help you discover your most authentic self and strive toward a greater purpose. Contact us to find a life coach and start your journey toward becoming Mentally STRONGer!

Meet Our Coaches

What is the Mentally STRONG Method?

The Mentally STRONG Method is a type of cognitive-behavioral framework that is traditionally used in therapy and professional counseling. It was developed by our founder Dr. Cristi Bundukamara Ed.D. PMHNP who has over 20 years of experience working with patients. With this method, you will learn how to examine the past and understand how it impacts your present thoughts, feelings and behaviors. During each session, you and your coach will work together to determine what’s holding you back from reaching your highest potential and living the best life you can imagine.

Is Our Program Right for You?

We believe that anyone can benefit from this online life coaching program as we all have room to grow in our lives. The Mentally STRONG Method will help you organize your thoughts and emotions so that you have the power to make choices that align with your highest, truest self.

How do You Find the Best Life Coach for you?

Browse our coaches’ landing pages to read their bios and find a life coach online. If you’re not sure who to choose, all of our coaches offer free consultations to determine if they are a good fit for you. Ready to get started? Sign up below to find your life coach and we’ll contact you with more details about out online life coaching program & community. You can request a discovery call if you need help deciding where and how to get started.

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