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Choice Mapping

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Why Choice Mapping

Dr. Cristi Bundukamara (Dr. B) founded Mentally STRONG in 2018. She is the creator and developer of the cognitive restructuring technique called Choice Mapping. She is a published author of two books. Mentally STRONG: Against All Odds We Choose was published in 2017 and Choice Mapping Workbook in 2019.

She is a teacher, consultant and event speaker for Choice Mapping. Dr. B’s Mentally STRONG Private Practice provides comprehensive mental health services and medication management across the lifespan using a medical model in conjunction with Choice Mapping.

Originally from Miami, FL, she and her husband have seven children; two biological and five adopted from the foster care system. Her husband and two biological children were unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare and devastating disease. This challenged the families view of life and their faith in God. Their story of hardship and joy is what led Dr. B to create Choice Mapping.

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