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  • Unlimited Mapping: Your mind is unlimited, so why should your mapping be? Map when you want, as many times as you like.
  • Access to Previous Maps: See and chart your progress with access to review previous Choice Maps. 
  •  Supportive Feedback: Choice Mapping coaches answer questions, provide insights and promote your success!
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  • Weekly Personalized Sessions: In addition to the above, Platinum Level access receives weekly personalized sessions with a Choice Mapping coach via phone or video conference call.
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  • Sessions with Dr. Bundukamara: In addition to all the above, Elite Level access receives one session monthly with Dr.B (a $300 Value!)

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Use of choice mapping is eye opening and a very useful tool to do on my own. #ChoiceMapping Very empowering experience.  - Jennie S.
I love the choice mapping concept she uses. It really makes you think and teaches you skills you can take with you to use in your everyday life!  - Evelyn S.
Dr. B. and her team are amazing! They are very compassionate, understanding and sympathetic in every situation! We are truly blessed to have found them and would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone! Thanks Dr. B and team!! - Toni T.
I am so grateful to have found Dr. B and Melina at Mentally Strong. The name of the practice alone speaks volumes about what they are striving for with us. Open minded, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and experienced. - Mary C.
They've helped me stop making myself out as a victim of society and my own circumstances that I created....I'm Mentally Stronger and ready for the challenges life gives me instead saying "poor me, it's not my fault, someone else's". Thank You Mentally Strong. - Kevin Z.
Dr. B and Melina... have truly helped me on processing through some of my difficulties. I highly recommend Mentally-STRONG.  - Chris W.
Meeting Dr. Bundukamara completely changed my life. Becoming mentally strong helped me reshape my outlook on life and gave me strategies to cope with my anxiety.  - Ruth C.
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