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Choice Mapping
A Simple and Practical Formula for Mental Strength
What Is Choice Mapping?
Choice Mapping is a simple and practical formula for mental strength utilizing a Cognitive Behavioral Approach (CBA) created by Cristi Bundukamara, Ed.D, PMHNPBC. 

Choice Mapping empowers you to identify their own thoughts, actions, choices, and behaviors. 

With organization of those thoughts, actions, choices, past experiences, beliefs, values, and current skills, you will be challenged to effect change for your future for better decision making and empowered choices. 

The past behaviors, choices, and thoughts will be broken down and analyzed to develop a personal vision for sustainable healthy mental strength. 
Choice Mapping Allows You To...
  •  Resolve conflicts
  •  Become empowered to TAKE ACTION
  •  Break through communication barriers
  •  Control your emotions
  •  Get back the power to choose
  •  Overcome depression, overwhelm & addiction
  •  Become less reliant and save money on expensive counseling
  •  Do the work yourself with less reliance on others
  •  Overcome being or feeling 'stuck'
  •  Change repetitive behaviors
  •  Be a victor and not a victim
  • Become mentally stronger, everyday
Say I AM Mentally STRONG!

  4 Phases of Choice Mapping

    Mental Empowerment Made Easy
Four Phases To Mental Strength
Mental Empowerment Made Easy


You allow yourself to document a stream of thoughts around an emotion or feeling you are experiencing/struggling with. 
Phase 1 is important in identifying the overwhelming feeling or emotion that is causing a feeling resulting in internal conflict, increased distress, confusion, or other times that you need to explore.  

The feeling can be related to an experience or an event, an unresolved ongoing chain of events, or even life experiences and milestones as they occur in your life. 


You identify the components of that emotion or feeling and will then systematically organize these info a metaphoric 'file cabinet'.
There are nine sections within the file cabinet to organize your thoughts and feelings into.


You make decisions to choose to think and act differently to achieve improvements through attainable personal visions in your 
own life. 
This is where you are empowered to choose positive thoughts, behaviors, and actions.  You may be challenged to feel the pain of grief, trauma, or other areas to experience  


You choose to never give up in making and obtaining your personal visions in all areas of your life. 
This is where you will identify actions that you can take towards your personal visions.  Finding small actions that can be done today and into the future to support your actions and personal vision. 
Choice Mapping
A Proven Formula 
"The BEST investment I've Ever Made!"

"It took me about 20 minutes, but it felt like 20 years of journaling. "

“Relieved the tension and feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.”

"It felt very therapeutic to get all my thoughts out in one place, like spending hours with an empathetic therapist or a weekend with my best friend. "

"Now I have a process I can turn to that helps me focus my thoughts into productive action." 

"A huge gift that choice mapping has given me back is my power to choose. I no longer say 'this is out of my control'."

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