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Grief And Gratitude: How To Find Gratitude When Grieving Loss

As the series on grief comes to a close, remember that everyone experiences grief differently, and coping skills that work for one person may work differently or not work for someone else. Finding gratitude in grief, however, is a skill […]

Complicated Grief: Prolonged Loss After Losing a Child

Anyone who has lost a loved one has experienced grief. As mentioned in previous articles, everyone experiences and copes with different types of grief in their own ways. For most people, bereavement brings with it feelings of sorrow, pain, and […]

Losing a Child: 3 Things to Help with Grieving the Loss of A Child

Losing a loved one is always difficult. The sadness, emptiness, and loss can be overwhelming, even if the loss is one that the person is prepared for. Losing a child, however, brings a level of sorrow and pain that no […]

The Second Shift: Organize your Brain to Manage a Healthy Work Home Balance

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara EdD PMHNP — The second shift is a sociological theory created by researcher and author Arlie Hochschild. In her book “The Second Shift” she investigates the dynamics of family life and the division of responsibilities between […]

3 Ways to Support Social-Emotional Development in Children

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, EdD PMHNP — As part of the Raising Mentally STRONG Kids program, I developed what I now call “The Growth Wheel”. The Growth Wheel is divided into eight parts. Each part focuses on an area of normal development […]

Grieving A Living Loved One: Coping With Grieving Someone Who Is Still Alive

To continue the series on grief, this article is going to discuss grieving a living loved one. Grief can be experienced in many forms. It can be painful, overwhelming and is almost always handled differently by everyone who experiences it. […]

What is Anticipatory Grief? Preparing for the Loss of a Loved One

As this series on grief continues, remember that grief comes in many different forms, and everyone experiences and handles grief differently. If someone is struggling with anticipatory grief that comes with preparing for the loss of someone, Mentally STRONG can […]

Grief And Guilt: Coping With The Guilt Felt While Grieving A Loved One

Mentally STRONG’s website, podcasts, and YouTube videos make it evident that their team is very familiar with the experience of the grief and guilt that comes with losing a loved one. Although this time of year is usually a festive […]

Living with Mental Illness: How the Mentally STRONG Method Changed My Life

By Tatiana Rainey – My name is Tatiana and I whole-heartedly support, believe in and promote all that Mentally STRONG has to offer. This is my story of living with mental illness and how the Mentally STRONG Method changed my life! […]

A Letter To Someone Who is Struggling

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, EdD PMHNP -- A Letter to someone struggling, Life can be really hard, and no matter how hard you’re trying, if you feel like you are not getting any better, I want you to know that [...]

How to Talk About Mental Health with Your Family or Loved Ones

By Tatiana Rainey — Around 44 million Americans have a mental illness. That means if you’re not living with one, you know at least one person who is. Mental illness can be confusing, intimidating and even debilitating; trying to make […]

Self-Compassion: Avoid Negative Self-Talk & Have Compassion for Yourself

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara EdD PMHNP — Self-compassion can feel impossible sometimes. If you aren’t managing all of the stress and tasks in your life, it’s easy to blame yourself and feel like you aren’t good enough or you’re a […]

Reframe Your Thinking by Learning to Adapt When You Don’t Succeed

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara EdD PMHNP — Do you feel like you are always repeating the same patterns even though you are trying really hard to make changes that positively impact your life? When this is happening, it’s important to […]

Empowering Children: Raising Mentally STRONG Kids

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, EdD PMHNP — Sometimes it can be difficult to feel like you are empowering your children. It always feels like there is so much to do, and you just need your kids to cooperate. Unfortunately, right […]

Understanding Relationship Levels: Being Mentally STRONGer Together

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara EdD PMHNP — Every day you encounter people, and even if it was only a brief interaction with someone, you can choose to turn it in an opportunity for a positive relationship. It is important to […]

Stress is Growth: Building Resilience in Children Through Anxious Situations

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, EdD PMHNP — Let’s try to change our mindset. “Stress is Growth”. As a parent, protecting your child from anxious situations is a natural instinct, but letting a child move through a stressful time can teach […]

3 ways You can Help Change the Mental Health Culture Right Now

By Dr. Cristi Bundukamara EdD PMHNP –The current mental health culture and system surrounding care and treatment for mental illness has failed us. Every day we hear things like “suicide rates for teens is highest in Colorado” or “access to […]

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