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Mental Health Partners

Mentally STRONG provides foundational mental health treatment, then refers patients to other mental health partners for any additional specialty treatment. We work with business partners in the mental health community and clinicians all over the state to create the best treatment team and plan for our patients.

The reason we are so passionate about working with our mental health partners to create the highest quality treatment plan is because Colorado is in the middle of a mental health crisis. After nearly two years, the pandemic has made this crisis even worse. The global disaster has caused people to become isolated and feel more hopeless than at any time in modern history.

Colorado Springs, in particular, has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, especially for teens and military veterans. In late May 2021, Children’s Hospital Colorado declared a “state of emergency” in youth mental health, lamenting that suicide has become the leading cause of death for Colorado children.

There is an overload of need, and access to quality mental health treatment is a serious issue. Dr. Cristi Bundukumara, the owner of Mentally STRONG, has developed a revolutionary new way to approach the mental health crisis. She believes we need to instill more hope and trust in the people her industry serves, collaborate with mental health partners to provide the highest quality care, and build a healthier culture that begins with dignity, power, and choice.

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Dr. B. believes in empowering individuals and organizations, teaching them the Mentally STRONG method, meeting people where they are, and listening closely to how they want to learn. Having built a successful model in Colorado Springs, she now plans to expand her vision to other cities and states to finally make real progress in proactively addressing the mental health crisis on a national level.

The Mentally STRONG Method is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and was created by Dr. B., who currently manages her own practice in Colorado Springs. She made the Mentally STRONG Method to help herself overcome some of the most challenging experiences of her personal life and is dedicated to assisting others to do the same.

Contact us today for more information about becoming a mental health partner, opening a Mentally STRONG licensing in your area, or scheduling a mental health appointment for you or a loved one.

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