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Real People. Real Lives. Real Stories.
Our Mission:
Empower anyone to confidently say “I am mentally strong”, while simultaneously encouraging a healthy relationship with GOD. 
Cristi Bundukamara, EdD PMHNP

Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, EdD PMHNP
Founder and Creator of The Mentally STRONG Method

Dr. B is the Founder of Mentally STRONG and creator of The Mentally STRONG Method, through hardship and grief she created this method and now want to share it with you. It is a formula for mental strength that anyone can learn.

Click on the link below to visit Dr. B's page to meet our founder learn more about the creator of the Mentally STRONG Method, about her life and professional experience and for additional programs offered personally by Dr. B.

Kim Smith FNP PMHNP Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Director of Operations

I am a dual certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner. Prior to becoming a Nurse Practitioner, I spent over 5 years in the field of project management and completed a Masters degree in Leadership and Organizations in 2012. While I enjoyed the projects and teams I worked on, I knew my calling was in the field of nursing where I would have the opportunity to serve and work with people on a more personal level.   

My nursing experience began as an active-duty member of United States Air Force. While working on an inpatient medical-surgical unit, I have had the opportunity to work with patients across the life span in various specialties including oncology, pediatrics, and eventually became board-certified as a medical-surgical nurse. While I loved my years as both a nurse and military member in the Air Force, I made the decision to pursue a degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner and completed my Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati in 2019. 

During my clinical experiences in my FNP program, I developed a passion for clients struggling with mental health issues and for the field of psychiatry. As a result, upon completion of my FNP program, I continued on to complete a Post-Masters Certificate as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. My goal is to partner with clients and support each person on the journey to become mentally stronger. 
I was born in Colorado, and even though I spent some time living in Texas and Ohio, I definitely call Colorado home. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and dog mom! My family and I spend our free time hiking, biking, exercising our dogs, and anything else that involves being outdoors!  
Jacob Wilson MSN APRN PMHNP Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Jacob Wilson, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I am a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. I studied nursing at Grand Canyon University, and advanced practice nursing at Regis College. I am dedicated to helping people, and to helping people help themselves. In addition to the effective use of both medication and therapy, Jacob has become quite experienced in realizing the untapped potential of psychedelic medicines like ketamine. As the ketamine provider at Mentally STRONG (which is one of the leading Spravato [esketamine] clinics in the Colorado Springs area), I have witnessed ketamine’s treatment-enhancing effects, particularly in those with treatment-resistant depression. 

Before I became a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I served in the US Army, both on active duty and in the reserves, where I currently still serve. As a result of my military service, I have experienced, and have seen first hand, the tragic consequences of untreated, neglected, or unrecognized symptoms of mental illness.

I also spent several years as a registered nurse working on multiple locked psychiatric units, which involved working with children, teens, and the underserved prison population. I have substantial outpatient and inpatient experience working with all age groups, but I have proven to be particularly effective in working with and relating to children, teens, and young adults. Throughout the course of my adult life, I have served in multiple ecclesiastical positions where he has provided support and counseling to individuals, couples, and families. 

Although I was born in Georgia and grew up in Arizona, Colorado is where I call home. I am a family man, married almost 20 years, and have five children. My hobbies include hiking, running stairs, cycling (especially with my family), playing the piano (have played over 30 years), and loves singing around the piano with my family.
Jacob Wilson MSN APRN PMHNP Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Brian Watkins, PMHNP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Heather Henniger Certified Expert Choice Mapping Specialist Trainer

Heather Henniger
Director of Training and Development

I have lived in Colorado Springs most of my life and am a graduate from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I am the mother to three amazing kids. Life has presented us with various tragedies and challenges. It is through those challenges that I realized my true passion lies in helping others. 

I am a Certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach and have over 13 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry.  Over these years, I have come to realize that true health encompasses the whole person; mind, body, spirit, and emotion.

My goal is to help people have better, happier, and healthier lives and I am honored to be able to assist others in making positive life changes through The Mentally STRONG Method.

Michelle Kuster, PhD Certified Expert Choice Mapping Child Specialist

Michelle Kuster, PhD 
Mentally STRONG Counselor (Expert, Child Specialist)

I grew up in Canton, Ohio and lived there until I turned 23. I spent the next 25 years traveling with my ex-husband and four sons wherever the Army needed us. I am so proud of my myself, my ex-husband and sons for all the sacrifices we made to serve this great nation.

My background is in Social Work as well as fitness. I earned my Doctorate in Sociology while raising our four sons and supporting my ex husbands career as a physician in the US Army. I am proud to say I worked with our redeploying soldiers to assist them with reintegration back into their families and lead the crisis management team while in Hawaii. 

My passion to help others ended up taking me in a new direction when I decided to go back to school to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Working as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and Fitness center manager helped me gain valuable tools to lead and manage expectations as well as motivate individuals who didn't think they could accomplish more.

In November 2019 I made the decision to return to Colorado to be near my 4 sons and 2 grand kids. I realize how important family is to our overall health and I am proud to say I am once again a full time mom and grandma. With all the turmoil of Covid19 I felt my heart being pulled back into mental health and knew Mentally Strong is where I belonged. My goal is to help others achieve their full potential emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Patient Care Advocate

Tatiana Rainey
Mentally STRONG Counselor

Hi, I'm Tatiana, I am a Colorado Springs native and mama to my sweet boy- Valentino. Here at Mentally STRONG, I work as a Mentally STRONG Method Counselor, Public Relations Coordinator (fancy way of saying I run the social media), our photographer and anything else Dr. B asks me to do! I also help Dr. B with caring for her daughter, Miah, who quickly has become one of the most important people in my life. 

I truly feel grateful for my position here and ability to care for Miah and I value the exceptional amount of knowledge I've gained. Our patients impact me daily and I've learned something from each of them that have shaped me in my position as well as the success in my career. I believe in Mentally STRONG- our purpose, mission, vision, value, potential, incredible team and our staff. We differ from many mental health clinics by offering unique services and genuinely aim to empower our patients in getting to a place where they aren't dependent on us and find strength in their abilities to do this on their own once we've taught them the tools/skills. Dr. B has empowered me that I can use my story to drive and fuel my success and that my story is not WHO I am but a PART of my journey. I personally have been practicing the Mentally STRONG Method for about 3 years and truly still use it almost daily.

Random things about me: My favorite TV Show is I Love Lucy, I was a competitive all-star and collegiate cheerleader for 16 years, I graduated from Rampart High School, I used to live in Gunnison, Colorado, I have 20 (& counting) tattoos, I'm deaf in my left ear, and I'm obsessed with Halloween. (PS- many of our patients refer to me as the "candy lady" as I always try to keep my office stocked with candy and snacks for the staff and patients, everyone is welcomed to help themselves!) 

Grace Henniger Choice Mapping Specialist

Maegan Elrod
Mentally STRONG Counselor

I am originally from Ft. Myers, Florida and have been in the Colorado Springs area since summer of 2020. I am a graduate of Florida State University with degrees in Psychology and in Literature. 

I am currently completing my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at UCCS with an emphasis in addictions and looking at impacts of trauma on mental health. Psychology and how our brains connect with behaviors have always been a fascination and passion of mine. 

I constantly look for ways to expand my knowledge and take every opportunity to learn. Guiding other people on their journey to bettering mental health and understanding themselves on a deeper level gives me joy; it is just one of many reasons why I love being on the Mentally Strong team.  

Grace Henniger Choice Mapping Specialist

John Schumacher
Mentally STRONG Counselor

Psychology has always been an enormous passion of mine. I graduated from UCCS in 2019 with a Bachelors in Psychology and immediately began working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Before college I was in the United States Army at the 82nd Airborne Division where I cultivated a strong work ethic and a drive to better myself. 

Mentally STRONG is a company I am so excited to work for and I look forward to being here a long time.

Grace Henniger Choice Mapping Specialist

Grace Henniger
Mentally STRONG Counselor

I am a Colorado native and have spent much of my time traveling the world. I have always been passionate about people and working to understanding the human experience. Prior to my work at Mentally Strong I had many jobs in the customer service industry along with spending the past five years working as a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. I am also certified in whole food plant-based nutrition and am currently pursuing my career in psychology/nursing. 

My spare time is spent hiking with my husky, dancing, singing, cooking, spending time with my friends and family, and traveling. This position at Mentally Strong has shown me the importance of human connection and how truly similar we all are at heart. My passion for people is continuing to grow every day through this career and I cannot be more excited to help shape and develop the new era of how we treat mental health with our incredible team.

Grace Henniger Choice Mapping Specialist

Ruairidh Weir
Mentally STRONG Counselor

I was born in Scotland, but spent a good deal of my childhood traveling across the States in the plow truck that served as our home before settling in Colorado. I moved to Colorado Springs 6 years ago to study at UCCS. I graduated in 2018 with Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Criminology.

After college, it was my original intention to move into law enforcement. I wanted to get experience in mental health prior to going into law, and found myself working in Applied Behavior Analysis for 3 years as a Registered Behavior Technician. It is my passion to help people learn and grow, and I am constantly seeking to improve myself and help others do the same. Counseling here at MentallySTRONG is a fantastic opportunity to do exactly that.

The other passions in my life include video games (especially winning at them), tabletop games with friends, reading and writing, and insisting I'm not that tired before passing out on the couch.
Grace Henniger Choice Mapping Specialist

Kenny Brown
Mentally STRONG Counselor

I was born and raised in Southeast Texas. As a child I suffered a great deal of trauma from sexual abuse and my mother losing a three-year battle with cancer. I had to grow up fast and I found that my life was being shaped by the trauma that I suffered. I joined the Army at 19 years old and have deployed more than three different times to various locations in the middle east. I gave well over ten years of my life to the military, and I stand here today because of the sacrifices of some of the greatest people to have ever lived. As an infantryman I have witnessed first-hand the most horrific things that men can do to one another. I have lost many friends as well as those I consider to be brothers, and I too suffered injuries during my time in combat. I became an alcoholic during my time in the military, I tried to bury the thoughts, the memories, the pain, the grief, and the loss. No matter how much I tried, I was never able to forget what I had been through. I spiraled out of control and it was only a year after I left active duty in 2017 that my father recommended that I seek out help. I realized that I needed a change, that I was on the verge of losing everything. I reached out to the Veterans Administration and they worked hard to ensure that I got the help that I needed.

 I have been sober now over two years and I have found a whole new lease on life. I am now almost done with my bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology and will be pursuing my master’s degree soon after. I have a wonderful family that I love deeply. My wife, Kenzie, is my rock, and my three children are my life. I learned to deal with trauma early on by simply avoiding it altogether. I didn’t know that what I was doing was simply setting it aside where I would still have to deal with it later. I have since learned the power of confronting those problems and that I am Mentally STRONG enough to overcome. My degree specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, and I believe in the power of the individual. I have a deep passion for helping others and because of my lived experiences, I have a wealth of knowledge that I can draw from. I joined the Mentally STRONG team because I believe in Dr. B’s vision. The Mentally STRONG method is the most comprehensive way to get the thoughts and feelings out of your head, onto paper, and gives you the power to organize your life as well as helping you realize your vision for the future. I am grateful to be a part of something that is so groundbreaking, and I hope that you too will realize that you are indeed, Mentally STRONG.
Grace Henniger Choice Mapping Specialist

Helen Hernandez
Mentally STRONG Counselor

Helen is a Colorado Springs native who has recently returned to her home state from more than a decade of overseas humanitarian service.

Upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Helen spent 8 years serving as a full-time worker with several non-profit humanitarian organizations. During this time, Helen co-led 11 internships, including leading groups to 50 countries. In these communities, Helen was a lay counselor for staff and students, as well as conducted training seminars on trauma, communication, and cross-cultural issues in refugee camps, churches, and schools around the world. Helen also has years of experience serving her local church community through youth ministry at the middle, high school, and college level.

Since the completion of the season abroad, Helen has been working as a counselor in a medicated treatment facility for opiate addiction as well as in intensive eating disorder treatment.

Through these rich experiences working with people around the world, Helen has developed a passion to help people heal and grow into who they are created to be. Helen has experience working with all kinds of trauma, (including sexual, emotional, and spiritual abuse), grief/bereavement, eating disorders, substance abuse, and navigating seasons of spiritual deconstruction. Having all of the above in her own story and family history, Helen has great compassion for the healing journey. Helen utilizes a client-centered approach and is well-versed in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).

Helen is completing her Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health degree through Grand Canyon University. When not helping others become comfortable in their own story, Helen can often be found in a CrossFit box attempting a new personal record lift with the barbell or sitting under a tree with her nose in a good book.
Kim Hartman, LCSW Certified Choice Mapping Specialist

Kim Hartman, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor

I am a native of Philadelphia PA, after getting married my husband and I moved to Central Pennsylvania and were blessed with three sons. We moved and lived near Charleston South Carolina for several years and moved to Colorado in 2020.

Through several experiences and challenges early in life and then as an adult, I found my calling to be a social worker. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 18 years experience. I’ve worked as a certified school social worker and mobile therapist providing wrap around services to assist families to cope with changes and challenges of family relationships. In addition, I have over four years of experience supporting individuals and families with grief and trauma.

As a member of the Army Reserve for almost 28 years, I gained an appreciation of the unique responsibilities and challenges of service members and veterans. Two of my sons served in the military, one in the Marine Corps and the other in the Army.
I enjoy caring for our yellow Labrador retriever, Daisy and our two spunky ferrets, Rocky and Andy. I look forward to hiking the mountains and enjoying all the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer.  
Grace Henniger Choice Mapping Specialist

Nidra Bundukamara
Medical Assistant

I am originally from Homestead, Fl. I relocated to Colorado Springs with my family in 2017, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children.

I have 4 years of experience as a CNA and over 10 plus years of experience of working with at- youth and individuals with IDD. 

I am currently enrolled at Pikes Peak Community college working to complete my social service certification

Project Assistant

Medical Assistant

Edgar Toledo Patient Care Advocate

Edgar Toledo
Medical Receptionist

I was born in California, raised in Arizona, and lived in Illinois for 7 yrs. 

My background includes over 10 years of Customer Service experience and over 7 years in the Healthcare field including case management. My associates is in Computer Technology. I am fluent speaking, reading and writing Spanish.

I have two beautiful kids. Some of my passions include sports, video games, hiking, camping, cars, motorcycles, music, art and helping people. 

Grace Henniger Choice Mapping Specialist

Tara Riffle
Practice Administrator

I am originally from Portland, Oregon and relocated to Colorado Springs in 2001 with my husband and two daughters when my husband got an offer to be a Firefighter at the Air Force Academy. I spent most of my career in the Chiropractic field, Making connections with patients and getting to see their growth and healing each visit was incredibly rewarding. I am so grateful for the opportunity to join this team and bear witness to the lives that get changed here everyday.

I enjoy crafts, hiking, and camping in these beautiful Colorado mountains with my dogs.

Jada West Project Director

Jada West
Project Director

My background includes a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida, where my focus was on behavioral psychology. I also have extensive experience in financial counseling, patient access and medical insurance in a hospital setting.  

When I first learned about The Mentally STRONG Method, I knew that it was different. This cognitive-behavioral approach has truly helped me and I know it will help others. I am extremely excited for the amazing opportunity to be a part of the team as an advocate for reaching new pathways to growth!

I am very proud of and love spending time with my daughter. Some of my interests include reading, yoga, animals, art and music. 

Melina Wilshire, Choice Mapping Coach

I was born and raised in Arizona, graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Microbiology with a chemistry minor. 

I am a proud U of A Wildcat; Bear Down! During my time at university I participated in laboratory research, while also student teaching.

I have over 15 years of experience in the medical field; including extensive pharmacy experience, working at the Veterans hospital, and serving in the behavioral health field. 
I am the eldest of 7, married to a wonderful man and together we have our two hounds; a beagle (Tucker Max) and a yellow lab (Mazey Blue). In our household we are college football fanatics; the U of A wildcats, and the Michigan Wolverines. 

My other joys/ passions/hobbies/ interests include: photography, dance, weight lifting, holistic health alternatives (specifically essential oils), sewing, quilting, crafting, reading, penpalling.

Although I am a transplant, I take great pride in the beauty that is Colorado. In 2010 while still in Arizona, I was personally in a bad place; I found myself having deep difficulties functioning in daily life, and lost with the person I knew in my heart I was. During this time, as with other times of difficulty in my life, I turned toward the Lord for guidance and looking for direction on how to overcome this difficult season. 

In January of 2011 the Lord presented a life changing opportunity for me. I packed up myself and my beagle puppy, leaving behind all my family and friends and relocated to Colorado. This move has greatly impacted and forever changed my life. I am forever grateful, and proud that I had the faith and courage to follow where the Lord was calling me.

It is here that I began working in mental health; a field I never thought I would find myself in, and one that I never imagined would be so fulfilling. And once again, the Lord has called me to follow him to serve at Mentally-STRONG; a mission I am intensely excited and passionate about. 

And Thank YOU for being here with us at Mentally-STRONG.
Join Us in Saying
I AM Mentally STRONG