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The Mentally STRONG Team
Real People. Real Lives. Real Stories.
We All Have A Story
Life is filled with joy and pain, in varying degrees for different people. 

My families' personal story of hardship and joy is what allowed me to create Choice Mapping. 

My hope is Choice Mapping will be an inspiring and break-through formula for you too to say I am Mentally-STRONG! 
Dr. Cristi Bundukamara
Our Mission:
Empower anyone to confidently say “I am mentally strong”, while simultaneously encouraging a healthy relationship with GOD. 

Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, Founder

I have been a psychiatric nurse practitioner since 2000, with extensive experience throughout the lifespan. My medical career began as an Army Medic before attending nursing school at Florida International University (FIU). 

I have worked in various nursing positions including missionary work in Jamaica, Mexico, and Peru. I continued at FIU and obtained a Masters in Nursing as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, then to Nova Southeastern for my Doctorate. 

With a deep desire to serve my country again, I was commissioned in the US Navy Reserves where I currently still serve.
I am originally from Miami, FL, where I accepted Christ after the devastating Hurricane Andrew. My husband an I have 7 children, 2 biological, and 5 adopted from the foster care system. 

My husband and two biological children have a devastating, rare, and difficult to diagnose disease which struck us unexpectedly, challenging our view of life and our faith in God. 

Life is filled with joy and pain, in varying degrees for different people. We have had our share of both and we recognize that people are immensely resilient, and are never given more than we can handle. We also appreciate that while we have experienced heart-wrenching setbacks through the years, our family has relied on each other for comfort and support, and this is certainly one of our family’s foremost strengths. 

Our story of hardship and joy is what allowed me to create Choice Mapping. Choice Mapping is a formula to say I am Mentally-STRONG. A type of cognitive restructuring anyone can learn.

Melina Wilshire, Executive Director

I was born and raised in Arizona, graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Microbiology with a chemistry minor. 

I am a proud U of A Wildcat; Bear Down! During my time at university I participated in laboratory research, while also student teaching.

I have over 15 years of experience in the medical field; including extensive pharmacy experience, working at the Veterans hospital, and serving in the behavioral health field. 
I am the eldest of 7, married to a wonderful man and together we have our two hounds; a beagle (Tucker Max) and a yellow lab (Mazey Blue). In our household we are college football fanatics; the U of A wildcats, and the Michigan Wolverines. 

My other joys/ passions/hobbies/ interests include: photography, dance, weight lifting, holistic health alternatives (specifically essential oils), sewing, quilting, crafting, reading, penpalling.

Although I am a transplant, I take great pride in the beauty that is Colorado. In 2010 while still in Arizona, I was personally in a bad place; I found myself having deep difficulties functioning in daily life, and lost with the person I knew in my heart I was. During this time, as with other times of difficulty in my life, I turned toward the Lord for guidance and looking for direction on how to overcome this difficult season. 

In January of 2011 the Lord presented a life changing opportunity for me. I packed up myself and my beagle puppy, leaving behind all my family and friends and relocated to Colorado. This move has greatly impacted and forever changed my life. I am forever grateful, and proud that I had the faith and courage to follow where the Lord was calling me.

It is here that I began working in mental health; a field I never thought I would find myself in, and one that I never imagined would be so fulfilling. And once again, the Lord has called me to follow him to serve at Mentally-STRONG; a mission I am intensely excited and passionate about. 

And Thank YOU for being here with us at Mentally-STRONG.
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